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The SMPA Board of Directors has adopted a 2017 rate re-structure that changes the balance of access charges and billing rates, generating revenues needed to cover a recent wholesale rate increase.  Overall, this new rate structure draws no more revenue from the membership than what was drawn in 2016.   View the new structure here.

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November 29 2016: No Rate Increase in 2017!
Board to Restructure Rates to Promote Long-Term Vision


In a landscape of rising energy costs, the San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) Board of Directors has announced that it will not need to collect more revenue from its members in 2017.  Earlier in 2016, SMPA received notice that its wholesale rates were going to go up.  “That was no surprise,” said SMPA General Manager and CEO, Brad Zaporski.  “We knew we needed to look at our budget to see how much of the increase we could absorb before passing it on to our members.”  


Under Zaporski’s direction, SMPA managers scrutinized the proposed 2017 budget to find ways to protect members from the wholesale increase.  “We went through the budget line by line,” said Zaporski.  “We ultimately found that we could absorb the entire 4.2% increase without having to pass on any increase to the members.”


But the discussion of rates also brought up another issue that has been on the minds of SMPA Board and staff members for a number of years. 


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See the 2017 Rate Structure.


Planned Outages

Thursday, January 19:
10 am  - 1 pm
Area Affected: Smuggler Avenue & Mahoney Drive in Telluride
Reason: Transformer Replacement
Number of Members Out: appx. 20 members 


There are three separate outages scheduled for regions including Placerville and Sawpit.

* Bear in mind... All scheduled work is subject to change based upon weather conditions.


Tuesday, January 24:
10 am  - 1 pm
Area Affected: Town of Sawpit
Reason: Pole change out behind the Sawpit Mercantile
Number of Members Out: appx. 30 members affected including the Mercantile  


Wednesday, January 25:
10 am  - 1 pm
Area Affected: From Sawpit to Placerville, including parts of Placerville, but not Sawpit
Reason: To change out poles on the Down Valley line.
Number of Members Out: appx. 250 members affected for differing time periods throughout the 3-hour repair


Thursday, January 26:
10 am  - 1 pm
Area Affected: From the intersection of Hwy 145 and Hwy 62 going north appx. 5 miles
Reason: To change out a pole along Hwy 62.
Number of Members Out: appx. 3 members affected


Check for updates on any ongoing unplanned outages.


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